Our Core Values

We value meaningful worship through preaching, prayer, scripture reading, varied musical styles and other expressions of our faith.

We value life-changing spiritual growth through Christian education by providing Sunday morning and weekly Bible study and Christian growth options for all ages. These include age-appropriate opportunities for preschool, children, teenagers and, relevant studies for adults.

We value Christian community by creating and sustaining relationships in order to provide care and support for one another. We encourage involvement and participation in care-group ministries through the Sunday School, Music ministry, age-group programs, and other established small groups.

We value the reality that all things belong to God and as God’s followers we are to share generously our God-given resources through the church. This is done through Biblical stewardship principles that include one’s time, abilities and material blessings.

We value God’s ability, as demonstrated in scripture, to call both men AND women to any task in the work of God’s Kingdom. This includes service through vocational ministry, the ministry of deacons, and other areas of ministry.

We value church membership as a sign of our commitment to God and the local church. The primary way a person becomes a church member is through public profession of faith in Jesus Christ, followed by baptism. Christians may join by transferring membership from another Baptist congregation, or by stating their faith experience through a non-Baptist Christian denomination, including baptism by immersion.

We value each person’s freedom to take part in the theological journey and to share with others their own perspective and ideas. As a church we seek to establish a safe environment through which learning and thinking about scripture, theology and faith practices combine for progressive personal spiritual growth.

We value sharing the love of God by word and deed throughout the world. To this end, we support missions through education, participation and financial support.

We value sharing the Gospel as individuals and as a church so everyone may have the opportunity to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.