Current Teaching Series

Leviticus: Reconstructing Life. Reordering the World.

Beginning Sunday, January 6th

For a budding nation of newly freed slaves, the world of Egyptian chaos was not too distant in their memory. Within the first year of their liberation, they still found themselves waking up some mornings, and briefly forgetting the world is new.

But being freed is one thing. Living free is another.

Their shared life with one another and with God would require a radical re-ordering of almost every realm of their existence: from work and worship to boundaries and behaviors that honed their freshly minted identity as a people set apart in the world.

Becoming a priestly kingdom and holy nation would not be easy for them.
Nor for us.

We too live in tumultuous times, and are called to navigate the uncharted territory of a highly divided and increasingly post-Christian era.

How do you re-order a world of dis-order for a future with hope?
Perhaps by looking back to see how God has done it before.

Welcome to Leviticus.