Our Baptist Identity

First and foremost, we at JCBC affirm and celebrate our unity with the worldwide Body of Christ, in all its ecumenical diversity and form. While we are proud of our historic Baptist roots, we never place denominational loyalties above our primary call and mission to be the visible presence of the risen Christ in the world.

As a Baptist congregation, affiliated with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, we affirm and celebrate historic Baptist principles, freedoms and traditions. Among these are…

Soul Freedom

Soul freedom is the principle belief that each human being is created with dignity, and as such, embodies the capacity to enter into relationship with the creator on his or her own free will. Historically, Baptists have referred to this freedom as The Priesthood of All Believers.

Church Freedom

Church freedom is the principle belief that each local church has the freedom and responsibility to interpret scripture, select its own leaders, and make its own decisions in matters related to church governance. Inherent in this freedom is a strong support of the Separation of Church & State, for which Baptists have historically been champions.

Bible Freedom

Bible freedom is the principle belief that individuals and congregations have the freedom and the responsibility to interpret sacred scripture for themselves.

Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is the principle belief that every individual has the right to freedom of religion, freedom for religion, and even freedom from religion.

*For more on these freedoms, see The Baptist Identity: Four Fragile Freedoms, by Walter Shurden

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