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Ministry Assistant to the Mobilization Pastor

Status: Full-time, non-exempt
Reports to: Mobilization Pastor
Responsibility: Provide comprehensive support to the Mobilization Pastor and overall Mobilization Ministries of Johns Creek Baptist Church
Experience: At least three years or more experience in similar field.

Essential Duties

  • Responsible for assisting Mobilization Pastor with clerical and technical support, including, but not limited to: screening calls, managing emails, scheduling appointments, and production of any print and/or digital materials for mobilization ministries.
  • Responsible for maintaining the professional calendar of the Mobilization Pastor.
  • Responsible for collaborating with Communications Director and Social Media Director for all Mobilization-related social media posts and/or campaigns.
  • Responsible for maintaining the JCBC mobilization calendar, which includes a schedule of missional events, trips, and special programs.
  • Responsible for communicating all mobilization ministry needs, such as requests for graphics, facility reservations, or program needs, through the proper administrative channels (ACS, Web portal, etc).
  • Responsible for preparing agendas for Missions Committee meetings and Mobilization Council Meetings, and archiving minutes from these meetings.
  • Responsible for coordinating travel arrangements for various mission trips, including flights, hotels, travel insurance, etc.
  • Responsible for assisting in the administration of various missional projects and programs throughout the year (e.g. No Longer Bound Sunday School dinners, Sweet Tea Programs, Christmas projects such as Stockings and Bike drives, JCBC Missional Saturday, as well various national and international mission trips)
  • Responsible for assisting Mobilization Pastor in establishing and maintaining a comprehensive database of both internal and external mobilization opportunities, as well as a searchable and sortable repository of member profiles, for the purpose of interfacing individual skills, abilities, talents, and passions with opportunities to serve.
  • Responsible for assisting the Mobilization Pastor in developing the pathway that will serve as the comprehensive and systematic strategy for equipping members to discover and live out their God-given call.
  • Responsible for assisting the Mobilization Pastor in establishing and maintaining both print and digital resources for Mobilization Stations on campus and online.


Core Competencies

  • Demonstrates a warm, receptive personality, is cordial and welcoming to all who call or visit, understanding that their function and identity to be an extension and a direct reflection of the Mobilization Pastor.
  • Demonstrates an astute understanding of church culture and congregational dynamics; able to respect and protect confidentiality in a professional, loving way.
  • Demonstrates patience and adaptability, in this new expression of ministry at JCBC.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in technology and social media.
  • Demonstrates flexibility, adapting well to change, and learns quickly.
  • Demonstrates strong organizational and communicative skills.

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