JCBC is a missional church as missions and outreach ministries define every area of programming. JCBC provides financial support through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Global Missions Initiative. We also provide financial support and engagement opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

Here are a few of the ways we attempt to mobilize our love at JCBC locally and globally…

Local Missions

No Longer Bound
Fixing Up Forsyth
Atlanta Union Mission
Backpacks of Love
Beacon of Hope
Belmont Village/Benton House
The Blake House
Edgewood Church
Park Avenue Church
7 Bridges Recovery
Sweet Tea Ministry
Jesse's House
Meals by Grace
North Fulton Community Charities
Norcross Food Cooperative & Ministry Center
The Park
Samaritan's Purse

Global Missions


Presidio Texas

Presidio is a town near the Texas- Mexico border that has been identified by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship as one of the poorest regions in the country. JCBC helped pioneer a unique sports camp ministry in Presidio that takes place in January of each year. The next phase of our missional engagement in Presidio will be tutoring programs in the math and science fields.

Disaster Relief

JCBC is an active partner and participant with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Disaster Response Ministries.



Arab Baptist Theological Seminary

Antwerp, Belgium

CBF outreach and support to the Islamic Community.

Elam Ministries

A ministry to strengthen and expand the church in the Iran Region and beyond.

Water at Work

Water at Work is dedicated to transforming lives, promoting health and creating economic development by providing clean water systems.

Dominican Republic

JCBC’s work in the Dominican Republic centers on church support, English instruction and clean water system installation. We sponsor several trips a year to engage in various projects.

Water is Life – Ethiopia.

Transforming Lives, offering Hope.  One well, one village, one life at a time.

If you’re interested in learning more or becoming involved in a mission
supported by JCBC please contact Michael McCullar.

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