There are two important ways to mobilize…right now!

The first is simple. Connect with us. Visit our website often. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

The second way is also simple. Join the iMAGiNEXT conversation. Actually, it’s more like joining a movement!

What if you, as a person who wants to know and grow in Christ, decided to:

  • Commit to taking a next step on your personal faith journey?
  • Take a good, real look at when you feel most enthused and engaged in your faith?
  • Take a good, real look at what you feel is missing or what you feel compelled to do differently?
  • Genuinely and sincerely ask the Holy Spirit to inform, enlighten, and guide your thinking?
  • Make a conscious, intentional decision to commit to your personal “next” faith step?

What kind of impact might that decision have on your life? That’s what iMAGiNEXT is all about! There are several ways to join the conversation.

Pick up an iMAGiNEXT! booklet (FREE!) at the main reception desk.

Or, you may want to call or email a pastor to schedule some one-on-one time.

Or, to mobilize RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT, complete the self-directed, online version below. Give yourself some time because this is important.

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