Welcome to the JCBC Newcomer Orientation page.  These videos are meant to help you better understand who we are, what we do, how we do it, and what those things might mean to you and your family.  Our goal is to help you plug in and fully engage in the life of this church.  Begin with the Getting Started video to commence deliberately discerning your next step in faith and to learn how to be “in the know.”  Next, watch the Four Energies video where we explain why and how we set the table for YOU to Connect, Form, Mobilize and Worship.  After that, watch the Core Values video.  Formed, tested and refined over time, these core values give you a clear picture of who we are as a congregation.  Finally, especially if you have children or youth, watch the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry videos.  We are, after all, a mutigenerational church!

If you have questions or would like to talk to a Pastor at any time along the way, we encourage you to contact Connections Pastor David White at dwhite@jcbc.org or by calling 678-474-4407.

Remember, you are always wanted and welcome at Johns Creek Baptist Church!


1. Getting Started

We don’t think that you are here by accident. We believe God is up to something – and we take that seriously. We take YOU seriously. It all starts with being “in the know.”

2. Four Energies: Connect, Form, Mobilize, Worship

A vibrant faith life is one that is always growing and moving – transforming and emerging. These four, intertwined energies shape and inform everything we do.

3. JCBC Core Values

These 7 core values help describe who we are as a congregation and the bedrock on which we are built. Our linchpin core value is our true north: We value the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the growth of his church.

4. Children’s Ministry

We believe children to be a vital part of our congregation. We also believe the steps a child takes toward Christ in their early years will help equip them to be faithful followers in the years to come.

5. Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry encourages students to step closer and closer to Christ through personal discipleship, group bible study and immersive mission experiences. Our goal is to help prepare young people for whatever is to come.