Preschool Ministry: Birth to Pre-K

The Preschool ministry area focuses on the foundational and formative years from birth through Pre-K. Our desire is to help parents guide preschoolers into a growing knowledge of Jesus Christ. We provide a loving and safe environment where guided center-based activity programs allow freedom of exploration and discovery.

Here are some helpful tips for your preschooler to have a great experience on Sunday mornings.
  • Security Tags: When you first arrive at JCBC there will be Greeters who will ask for your information and give you a security tag and name tag for your child. The security tag is two parts, one part to put on the child and the other to take with you. You MUST present your part of the security tag upon pick up your child. The volunteer for your child’s classroom will match the two tags upon pick up and return them to the basket.
  • Parent Drop-off and Pick-up: Please do not enter the rooms. We ask that you wait at the door until a teacher greets you there. They will take your child and diaper bags. When you pick your child up the teacher will ask for your security tag and will be sure the numbers match before returning your child to you.
  • Snacks & Drinks: We have some children with severe allergies. The church provides saltine crackers or plain cheerios and water in the rooms (age appropriate) which do not pose a threat. Please do not send in snacks with your child. Our workers will have an organized snack time or individual snack depending on their age. (Note: This does not apply to baby milk bottles. However, please make sure your bottles and caps are labeled with your child’s name to eliminate confusion and potential mix ups.)
  • Please label all items that you bring to the church. We request a bag tag on all diaper bags and your child’s name on all bottles & caps, sippy cups (please, water only), blankets, jackets, burp cloths, etc. We try our best to keep everyone’s things separate and returned to the right person but sometimes it gets a little hectic in the classroom.

Preschool Programs:

  • Sunday School
  • Preschool Worship
  • Baby Dedication
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Seasonal Activities: Easter Egg Hunt, Family Events, JCBC KidsFest, etc.

Keeping a healthy environment for your child is important to us. Check out our Well Child Policy and COVID-19 Screening Checklist.

Questions? Email Krystle Ripley.

Family Covenant Day

One of the greatest joys in life is becoming a parent. We want to begin walking alongside you as you begin one of the greatest adventures that you will ever undertake… parenting!!! Baby dedication is not a checkmark on a long list of things that you are “supposed” to do when you have a child, but rather a starting point for you as a parent to commit to leading your child to know Jesus. We think that the things that you do now will shape who and what your child will become later.

If you are interested in participating in one of our Family Covenant Day celebrations please contact, Krystle Ripley, Children’s Ministry Assistant, at

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