We are Connected For Community

We were never intended to do life all alone, but rather in the love and company of God and each other.

That’s why at JCBC our strategy is to nurture healthy, vibrant, life-giving, connections in all we do.

In John 15, we are called to abide in Him just as the branches abide in the vine. What better image is there, to describe what church is intended to be? Branches intimately connected to our Life-source; but connected to that Source in a way that is shared, close, co-mingled and interdependent.

At JCBC we have specific ways for you and your family to GET CONNECTED. Here are a few…

The Let’s Eat Newcomer Breakfast is for all who are new to JCBC or who are interested in this church. You may have already joined or you may have just recently arrived. No matter! All newcomers are welcome (and encouraged) to attend. Hosted by Senior Pastor Shaun King and Connections Pastor David White, this newcomer breakfast is open to all ages, is free, and is a great way for us to begin to get to know each other better and for you to get know a little more about JCBC life. If you prefer, childcare is available. So, make plans to join us and Let’s Eat!

Questions? Contact David White at dwhite@jcbc.org (678-474-4407) or Debbie Iwasaki at diwasaki@jcbc.org (678-474-4405).

The best way to get to know us more is to simply come in…
We are intentional about helping you experience every facet of JCBC life!

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