Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. Shaun King
Senior Pastor
(678) 474-4401

Rhonda Byrd
Executive Assistant
to the Senior Pastor
(678) 474-4403

Connections Ministry

Community Outreach, Communications, Pastoral Care, Hospitality, Newcomers, Recreation

David White
Connections Pastor
(678) 474-4407

Stephanie Wright
Director of Communications
(678) 474-4410

Nathaniel Ballance
Activities Director
(678) 474-4442

Debbie Iwasaki
Connections Ministry Assistant
(678) 474-4417

Laura Cruce
Youth/Recreation Ministry Assistant
(678) 474-4449

Formations Ministry

Adult Education, Student Ministry, Children’s Ministry, JCBC PreSchool

Michael McCullar
Formations Pastor
(678) 474-4404

Annie Westbrook
Youth Pastor
(678) 474-4408

Robin Priddy
Children’s Pastor
(678) 474-4406

Kris Peters
Formations Ministry Assistant
(678) 474-4404

Lauren Dunn
Children’s Ministry Assistant
(678) 474-4414

Harrison Wilmes
Children’s Ministry Associate

Laura Cruce
Youth/Recreation Ministry Assistant
(678) 474-4449

Ansley Hall
Preschool Director
(678) 474-4451

Karen Self
JCBC Weekday Preschool Administrative Assistant
(678) 474-4451


Adam Courtney
Contemporary Worship Leader
(678) 474-4411

Mark Smith
Production Director
(678) 474-4483

Leigh Anne Shields
Worship Ministry Assistant
(678) 474-4415

Beth Irwin
Director of Children’s Music Ministries
(678) 473-9366

Operations Ministry

Operations, Communication, Finance, Food Services, Building Management

Vanessa Payne
Executive Operations Director

Tiffany Kitchens
Financial Manager
(678) 474-4472

Jill Rakestraw
Financial Assistant
(678) 474-4418

Chris Harwell
Food Services Director/Executive Chef
(678) 474-4468

Adnan Zukanovic (AZ)
Facilities Director

Images by Tracy Anderson Photography

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