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“True generosity begins in the heart.”

At JCBC, we believe that true Christian generosity doesn’t begin in the wallet.
It begins in the heart. It begins in that deeply personal and inward place where we recognize and respond to the extraordinary generosity of a loving God.

In order to respond faithfully and consistently to that generous love, many JCBC members choose to participate in our online recurring generosity plan.

It brings convenience, consistency, and commitment to the very sacred responsibility of supporting the ministries we believe in.


Set up is simple and safe. You select the amount. You select the schedule. Done.


Never worry about forgetting to bring the checkbook or cash to church. Don’t stress about “catching up” your offering, when away on vacation. Your bank will automatically send your support on a schedule you choose.


Online recurring generosity is commitment. Period.
When you deliberately schedule your generosity to come directly to the church from your bank, on a routine basis, you are making a statement about what you value, and what a high premium you place on ministries of Christ’s church.
By clicking one of the buttons above, you can easily and securely set up your personal recurring generosity plan or make a one time gift.

4 Ways to Give

In Worship

Giving Box

as you exit


By Text

Text JCBCGIVE to 73256

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