Our Adult Community groups are a great way to fully engage in a Bible Study Program and experience life at Johns Creek Baptist Church.

CONNECT – Every Sunday morning at 9:30, our groups gather all over campus to connect and enjoy each other. Conversation, laughter and coffee abound! Additionally, our groups gather numerous times throughout the year simply for the fun of it. Deep and significant relationships are formed and fostered.

FORM – Each Sunday, our Community Groups engage together in bible study and thoughtful reflection. The studies not only help form our identity as followers of Christ, but also shape the ways we “do life” – day in and day out. We are clay in the potter’s hands – being transformed from the inside out.

MOBILIZE – Our Community Groups not only form relationships and grow with each other, but also engage in a wide variety of mobilization and missions projects throughout the year. We are not just hearers of the word…but doers as well.

CARE – Each of us face hardships from time to time. Our Community Groups are active caregivers – coming up alongside those in the group who are hurting or in crisis. We take care of each other because we love each other.

KIDS – While our Adult Community Groups are connecting, forming, and mobilizing on Sunday mornings, your kids are doing the same thing! Our Children and Students’ Ministries are dedicated to helping parents nurture the faith of their children.

Our Sunday School is made up community groups that are loosely based on your median age and stage of life. We want you to join a community where you find connection in an environment that fosters spiritual formation and growth. All of our communities are co-ed and are facilitated by Community Leaders. We always encourage newcomers to visit as many groups as they like and to join the one that best fits their needs. Wondering where you might fit in? Reach out to us at formations@jcbc.org and a pastor will follow up to discuss what community might be a best fit for you.

Adult Sunday School Fall (August/September) Term 2023

All Sunday School communities will meet from 9:30am – 10:30am.

Room NumberCommunitySeminar Leader and Topic
C323Mid 20s - Early 30s - Singles
Marsha Janofsky
The 14 Disciples
C328Mid 20s - Mid 30s
Bill Hair
C324Late 30s - Early 40s
Calvin Blake - Angels and Demons (August)
Todd Shiver - 1 John (September)
C331Late 40s - Mid 50s
Dylan Priddy
Colossians and God's Kingdom
C317/318Late 40s - Mid 50s
Jeff Waldrop
A History of God at Work in the World
B222/235Late 50s - Early 60s
John Link
The Hand of God
B228/236Late 50s - Early 60s
Marsha Hunter
Hearing God
B229/B232Mid 60s - Early 70s
Russ McNair
The Great Omission
B237Mid 60s - Early 70s
David White
Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus
B227/B230Early 70s - Late 70s
Dennis Shipp
C263Early 70s - Late 70s
Carl Dickerson
The Significance of the Soul in the New Testament
B223/B224Late 70s+
Dave Rich
D190Adult Choir SSDean Starovasnik
Wandering in Acts

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