We are Mobilized to Serve

At JCBC, we believe in a God who love is on the move!

At JCBC we want to help you discover your own unique God-given gifts and passions and then help you mobilize them to serve others. Our JCBC servants are members who have experienced the love of God and are willing and glad to welcome others in and help them experience that love and care while they are at JCBC.

Apply to Serve

JCBC Servants are an important part of church life together. Be a part of what God is doing through JCBC by applying to serve today!

Adult Formation

Adult formation, emphasizing various aspects of spiritual formation, primarily happens during the Sunday school hour. Volunteer roles include seminar and community leaders. Other opportunities occur during the week with additional small group studies.


From greeting young families to teaching little ones, volunteers in the children’s area help in a variety of ways to share God’s love and nurture age-appropriate discipleship. There is an additional placement process to volunteer with JCBC Children after sharing your interest in this team.

Choir and Orchestra

JCBC’s vibrant worship life is supported by dedicated adult and student choir volunteers. Excellence in worship is further enhanced by members of the church orchestra.

Congregational Care

If you have a heart for helping others, we could use your care! Our Congregational Care servants offer care for members who are homebound, hospitalized, or have physical difficulty getting to church to worship.

Congregational Life Hosts

Do you love to make friends? Our Congregational Life ministry offers opportunities for people to make friends and deepen relationships by providing shared experiences around common interests. Hosts are needed for Let's Walk, Let's Travel, Let's Golf and Let's Pickleball.

Event Hospitality

We love having special events on our JCBC campus! Event hospitality servants act as our hosts for special community events. Special events allow us to engage the community in a different way and to leave them with a positive impression of our church.

Local Mission Engagement

Do you want to serve in our community? We can connect you! JCBC has multiple mission partners where we share God’s love and care outside of the walls of JCBC!

Parking Lot

Our Parking Lot servants offer a friendly wave and a smile to those arriving to church! Often, newcomers are unsure of where to go. Our Parking Lot people point the way and lower the anxiety of newcomers immediately upon their arrival.


Lights, cameras, sound! The production team is responsible for lighting, audio, and video production for every event, not just Sunday mornings. They help create a meaningful experience for those worshipping in the room and online.


The safety team helps provide a safe and distraction-free experience for all our guests. We care about the physical and emotional safety of our guests and members.

Sunday Morning Greeters

There are lots of doors, hallways, floors, and rooms at JCBC! Our Sunday Morning Greeters warmly welcome everyone to church and help newcomers find their way.


Youth ministry is vibrant and full of activity! From small group leadership to special events, volunteers help point students towards growth in Christ through relational discipleship. There is an additional placement process to volunteer with JCBC Youth after sharing your interest in this team.