We are Formed for Fruitfulness

We believe that followers of Jesus are never intended to stop growing. On the contrary, we are in the words of Bob Dylan, “in a constant state of becoming.”

That is why at JCBC, our strategy focuses on forming the hearts and minds of people to become more and more like Jesus the longer we live.

In Jeremiah 18, we read about the unique relationship between an ancient Potter and the clay. The potter molds the clay into a work of art. It’s beautiful. It’s useful.

But sooner or later, for whatever reason, it breaks. Like life, something caused damage that was seemingly beyond repair. But in the hands of the Potter, nothing is beyond repair. Demonstrating his skill (and his deep desire), he works to form, reform, transform the brokenness into a vessel of beauty and usefulness once again.

At JCBC we are aware that God is continually molding something beautiful out of all our lives. To that end, we have specific ministries for children, youth and adults of all ages, designed to foster the kind of inward spiritual formation that is possible in Christ.

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