Getting together with friends after worship?
Throw a couple of these questions out on the table. See where discussion goes!
Miss the sermon? Watch it here.

1. How did you do on the sound frequency test? Download the free “Sonic” app here, and test it among yourselves.

2. I suggested that the reason the shepherds may have been the only ones to hear the angels’ song, was because they were “undistracted” and “unencumbered.”

  • What did I mean by that?
  • Where do you sense your greatest need for yourself to become undistracted and unencumbered?
  • Can you share with your group specific disicplines or practices that help you get there?

3. In the sermon, I described a method of prayer that helps me become undistracted and unencumbered—centering prayer. It is a form of contemplative prayer based in silence.

  • You can learn more about it here.
  • How do you do with silence? Does it come easily, or is it a challenge?

4. React to the following quote from Bishop Hilary (4th Century):
“Everything that seems empty is full of the angels of God.”