Dear JCBC Family,

Grace and peace to all of you during this anxious time.

As concerns continue to grow with the spread of COVID-19, JCBC will be taking the following steps to ensure the safety of church members and neighbors who are most vulnerable.

    • Social Distancing
      All programming of every variety is canceled through Sunday, May 3rd. This temporary suspension of programming includes Sunday School, Worship, and all gatherings or events currently scheduled to take place on our campus.
    • Care for Our Most Vulnerable
      Some senior living facilities in our area have already moved to a closed campus situation. Other seniors within our congregation may be choosing to “self-quarantine.” Our Deacon Homebound Team will be especially attentive and in communication with those members living alone, to ensure vital needs such as food or medicine do not go unmet. Our Sunday School Community Leaders are asked to reach out to all members in their community and report any special needs that arise by calling 678-474-4482, or by emailing
    • Sanitizing Facilities
      As a preventative measure, facilities staff has already been hard at work sanitizing our campus. Extra attention will be given this week to sanitizing all surface areas, door handles, restrooms, water fountains, pew and seat backs, offering plates, bibles and hymnals, etc. We are taking this time to prepare for a safe and healthy return.
    • Holy Week Services
      Holy week services (i.e. Maundy-Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, etc.) will be livestreamed at Continue to check for details.
    • Upon Returning to Normal
      We will continue to monitor the situation, and make the most prudent decisions regarding full or partial return of programing. Depending on the situation, the following temporary modifications will be considered.

      • No customary handshaking or hand holding in worship.
      • Placement of antibacterial liquid at strategic locations around the church.
      • Worship guides will be placed on pedestals for worshippers to take on their own.
      • Ushers will continue to be at strategic locations to greet with a warm welcome.
      • Worshippers will be encouraged to spread out a bit.
      • We will modify our habit for collecting the offering. In order to avoid passing the offering plate around, we will place ushers with receptacles at the exits, where worshippers may give their offerings upon leaving. And, members of our “counting team” will be given gloves and antibacterial liquid for counting our offering.
    • Other Calendar Events
      • Big Breakfast – postponed.
      • 4D JCBC Orientation Class – postponed.
      • Puerto Rico Mission Trip (Adults) –cancelled, though some may self-deploy.
      • Puerto Rico Mission Trip (Youth) – cancelled.
      • Disciple Now Youth Retreat – cancelled, but considering reschedule.
      • Midweek Preschool – temporarily closed, following school system.
      • iPraise and weePraise Children’s Choirs Production – TBD
      • Easter Egg Hunt – cancelled.
    • What You Can Do
      During this uncertain time, there are a few ways we can continue to celebrate our shared life together.

      • Pray for one another. Take the opportunity to pray for those who are sick, and that this health crisis will soon be abated. Pray for ways you can (safely) care and reach out to the most vulnerable around you.
      • Watch our service online. In the event that worship is cancelled, we will offer virtual worship online. Watch it here.
      • Continue to give to JCBC ministries online. Our Ministries Budget and Annual Missions Offering are still in need of your generous support. This is a great opportunity to make a one-time online gift, OR better yet, set up your recurring online contributions through our website.

This health crisis will not last forever.

We pray that these temporary adjustments to our ministry programming will ensure we are doing all we can to more fully love one another with a non-anxious presence, during this highly-anxious time.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Have I told you lately how much I love being your pastor?
Well, I do.

Dr. Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

Updated 04/21/20