2 Distinct Ways for Anyone to Experience the 2014 CBF General Assembly

The 2014 General Assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is well underway. Baptist friends from all over the nation and world will be gathering in Atlanta this week to worship together, learn from one another, and discover new and exciting ways to mobilize our mutual love for the Mission of God, in the world.

What you know:
Johns Creek Baptist will not only be participating in the Assembly this year, but will also be taking the lead, in some significant ways.

What you may not know:
It is still not too late for you to experience it all.

In fact, there are two distinct ways you (or anyone) can experience the 2014 CBF General Assembly. They are…

1)   Just show up. Registration is on sight, and is always free at the General Assembly. If you choose to show up, you have three options, depending on your flexibility.

  1. Get a room! The convention hotel is the Hyatt Regency. You can catch every event (early and late) by staying on site. Click here to reserve.
  2. Come for the day. Most events are on Thursday and Friday. You may wish to pick a day, come early, stay late, and go home. Click here for a glance at the schedule to help you decide which day’s events would be most meaningful for you.
  3. Pick one event. This may be ideal for those who work, and simply cannot afford the time to be away. It is also ideal for someone who wishes to simply be present at one of the events being led by Johns Creek Baptist. The JCBC worship service will be Thursday at 1:30 p.m. and the JCBC iMAGINEXT workshop will be Friday at 1:30 p.m. For a quick reference to the times and locations of these and other workshops, click here.

2)   Hashtag! That’s right. Hashtag. For those who cannot be in attendance, and who are active in social media, one way to experience the Assembly (in real time) is to follow our Pastors, who will be posting about the events as they unfold on Twitter and Facebook, using the following Hashtags:
#cbfassembly #jcbc #iMAGINEXT

Are you on Twitter and Facebook, but perhaps are unsure about the meaning and mechanics of hashtags? No problem. Click here for a quick tutorial.

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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  • Marsha Janofsky
    June 25, 2014 3:38 pm

    FABULOUS idea to have the hashtag tutorial. It was wonderful – and will really help lots of folks (I must admit – me included!)


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