3 Reasons (Ok, maybe 4) to attend the CBF General Assembly

Johns Creek Baptist is part of a big Baptist family. Our closest affiliation is with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), a network of over 1800 like-minded congregations, committed to historic Baptist principles, freedoms, traditions and causes.

Each year, the CBF gathers for a General Assembly, where individuals and churches come together to be encouraged, strengthened and inspired to live out the call of God in a shared life of devotion to Christ.

This year, the CBF General Assembly will take place in Atlanta, at the Hyatt Regency, June 23-27. I want to encourage you to take a few moments to examine all that this year’s General Assembly has to offer.

Discover the week-long schedule of events, the exciting and gifted speakers and musicians, the range of activities for the whole family, special fellowship opportunities, and even tips for first time attenders.

In addition to the all of these reasons to attend, I want to encourage you on another level as well. This year, Johns Creek Baptist will be providing leadership at the General Assembly, in some significant ways. Here are three…

1. Leadership Institute
On Wednesday, June 25th, from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. there will be a Leadership Institute, led by David Odom, of Duke Divinity School, as well as the representatives of the National CBF Ministries Council. I have been asked to serve on this council for the coming year. As such, I will assist in facilitating discussion at the Leadership Institute, which will be focused on Asset Mapping for congregations.

2. JCBC Leads in Worship
This year, the General Assembly will be featuring four (4) congregations to lead in unique worship experiences. As one of the four, JCBC will be responsible for the music and message on Thursday, June 26th at 1:30 p.m. Our choir and orchestra will be featured, and I will be preaching about the power of a provoked imagination. In a message entitled, “iMAGINEXT,” I will speak to the influence of the local church in stoking, provoking and nurturing individuals to not only imagine, but more importantly, to mobilize their unique God-given calling.

3. JCBC Staff Leads in Workshop
On Friday, June 27th, at 1:30 p.m. the JCBC Ministerial Staff will be leading a breakout workshop entitled, “iMAGINEXT: Mobilizing Love in Individuals and Congregations.” We will be speaking about the iMAGINEXT conversation as it has been (and is) unfolding here at JCBC, and will lead others to consider it as a mechanism to mobilizing faith in individuals and congregations.

As you can see, JCBC will be serving in some significant ways at this year’s assembly. That is one reason why I am calling on all JCBC members to make every effort possible to attend as much of the General Assembly as possible. We need your support and presence!

But there is another reason to attend, and it is far greater than any of these three. Attending the General Assembly serves as a powerful reminder that we are a part of something far bigger than ourselves. When we gather with the rest of our extended Baptist family, we have an opportunity to see how God is continually equipping and empowering God’s people in diverse ways to be the body of Christ in the world.
It’s humbling and empowering, all at once.

Registration is FREE, and can be completed here.

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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