When the word “worship” is used most people think of church. Then, within church, “worship” is mostly likely associated with a particular time on Sunday: “the 11:00 worship”…or whenever a particular church meets. Digging a little deeper, worship brings to mind music and preaching. Both are part of worship. But they are just the tip of the iceberg. I believe we are not created to worship, but, as one writer puts it “we are created worshiping.”

Worship is a very natural part of our lives. Everyone worships. Everyone. Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, agnostics, New Agers…everyone. It’s the object of worship that makes the difference. You see, “worship” can be thought of as “worth-ship”…the quality of being worthy or having worth. Every person alive shows what he/she believes is worthy by what is said, what is valued (priorities), and how life is lived. What has worth may be money, prestige, pleasure, some “spiritual concept”, or the great God of the universe, whom we know through His Son Jesus Christ.

Even if you are a believer in Christ, sitting through an hour in a church building doesn’t mean that you have worshiped. To really worship, you must engage. Engage your mind, your heart, your soul. It means expressing your worship through what you say and sing. It involves listening to what God is saying to you. It involves doing whatever God puts on your heart to do.

Worship should be a lifestyle. It should be at the very foundation of who you are and what you do. The choir worships every Sunday. But we also worship on Wednesday evening at rehearsal. Then, individually, we worship during the week. There are many expressions of worship. The people who set the microphones up on Sunday are worshiping through doing. The greeters at the door are worshiping. Workers in the nursery are worshiping. Leaders all around our building, in every area, are worshiping. They are showing that God our Father has “worth-ship”. He is worthy…and therefore, we greet, set up, teach, lead, encourage…the list is endless.

This Sunday at our Mobilization Fair, you will have before you many opportunities to show that God has “worth-ship.” If God has given you talent or interest in music, He may want you to express that through joining a choir, orchestra, help with children’s music… We would love for you to stop by the Worship Ministry booth to see the opportunities.

If that’s not where God is leading you, I still love you! ☺ It may be a mission’s area where you can show God’s “worth-ship.” It may be in an area of service, leadership, or one of the behind-the-scenes activities that are so necessary.

The key is to be engaged. Engaged with your mind, your heart, your soul. Engaged where God has uniquely qualified you. The Mobilization Fair is an exciting opportunity to see how you can best worship God. Not through a one-time action. Through a lifestyle. A life of worship!

Glenn Crosthwait
Worship Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

In preparation for the Mobilization Fair, take some time to browse the numerous ways you can join the Mission of God, by clicking here.

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    February 25, 2014 11:25 am

    AMEN! “We are born worshiping” And once we are connected through prayer and Bible Study and One Another… then the engaged life begins to grow up …” normally NOT nominally.” God is not through with us yet. Thank you for a beautiful word of wisdom and faith. The choir is such a blessed JOY. Thank you for being there to direct that part of Worship in His Name and for Our sakes. ml


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