Dear Johns Creek Family,

I have some very exciting news to share! And while I hate emails that create suspense by “burying the lead,” there’s a story to tell. So, you’ll have to bear with me.

Our church is in a season of growth. Post-pandemic, we have refocused our priorities and are in a full court press, seeking to make more and deeper disciples of Jesus, one heart at a time. Take one look in almost any direction and it is not difficult to see—God is up to something good at JCBC!

With so many exciting possibilities for ministry growth ahead, one area of ministry I do not want to get overlooked is a clear focus on Pastoral Care.  Our church is uncommonly strong in this area due to the way our members pay attention and care for one another. There is no greater care than that which comes from our deacons and from Sunday School Communities who are constantly attending the needs of our members. In addition, each of our pastors care for members in their particular areas of ministry. One clear need, however, is a person on our pastoral team to give clear focus to pastoral care, and all the ways our various groups and ministries work together to ensure no individual is overlooked, or forgotten.

Currently, that person is David White, who has been our point person for pastoral care for many years. Over the past decade, however, I have asked David to take on more and more connections related ministries, while attempting to keep our pastoral care in focus. This year, as his duties continue to grow, it becomes all-the-more urgent we identify someone called to ministry with the gifts and passion to focus on this critical need in our church.

That is why I am excited to announce to you we believe God has provided that person! This morning, our deacon body (along with the support of the Pastor’s Council and Stewardship Committee) approved a motion to recommend to you, the call of Rhonda Byrd as Pastor of Congregational Care/Assistant to the Senior Pastor.

For nearly ten years, Rhonda has served as my Executive Assistant. Those of you who know Rhonda know that her ministry here at JCBC has extended far beyond the scope of her service as my assistant. She is a licensed Minister of the Gospel. For years she has been responding to the call of God on her life in a variety of ways in other congregations, and in many tangible expressions here at JCBC. Truth be known, Rhonda has a pastor’s heart, and has been exercising gifts of pastoral ministry for years. Her keen awareness of our own JCBC membership and the relationships she has already built with JCBC members over the past decade make her perfectly suited for the role. Included in this email is a Ministry Bio on Rhonda that describes the breadth of her ministry credentials and qualifications.  Take a moment to read about her.

This Wednesday, at our Quarterly Church-in-Conference, I want to share more. I want to share with you how expanding Rhonda’s role here at JCBC will ensure our members continue to receive the very best pastoral care possible in the exciting days we have ahead.  We will not vote on this recommendation Wednesday. I simply want to share how God has moved in marvelous ways to make this call a possibility. Then, two weeks later, on February 1st we will hold a special called Church-in-Conference for discussion and to vote on her call.

So, please make plans now to attend our Church-in-Conference this Wednesday, January 18th at 5:45 p.m. in our Heritage Room. I can’t wait to see you there!

Have I told you lately how much I love being your pastor?
Well, I do!