Feb 24 2024


4:00 pm

Contemporary Worship Service Listening Sessions

3 Listening Sessions on the Future of
our Contemporary Worship Service

Sunday October 8th at 4:00
Wednesday October 11th at 6:00
Saturday October 14th 8:00
in the Heritage Room

Throughout our JCBC history, we have both exhibited and come to value Congregational Courage and Responsible Christian Stewardship.  As need arises, we come together for open, honest dialogue with each other to discern the call of God on our church and then we endeavor to follow His leading.

Six years ago, we discerned that God was leading us to establish a multi-venue worship experience on Sunday mornings.  We have been blessed by the extraordinary gifts and talents of our Contemporary Worship Leaders during these years.

It is also true, however, that our Contemporary Worship service faces some challenges.  It has been a challenge to achieve sustained attendance and engagement and the aftermath of COVID has been challenging as well.

Your Pastors and other church leaders believe it is time for us to come together and talk about it again – with no particular outcome in mind.  We believe, in a spirit of Congregational Courage and Responsible Christian Stewardship, it is time to discern the call of God once again on this church as it relates to worship.

So, please attend and participate in one of the three listening sessions that have been planned as a way for us to listen to each other and discern our future together.

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