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JCBC Life…Share it!

At JCBC, we exist to connect people to Jesus Christ and to our church family. That’s priority number one. That’s where all the action starts. The responsibility for accomplishing that mission doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of Pastors and programming. No, the responsibility rests on the shoulders of every member of our church as well. That’s you.

The JCBC Life…Share It! social media awareness campaign is one way you can help carry the load.

Social media is a powerful and important communication tool. It is an effective way to share the message of Jesus with those outside the walls of 6910 McGinnis Ferry Road and a non-invasive way to invite our friends and neighbors to be a part of JCBC church life. For our members it’s a way to stay connected, to be social, to cultivate community and to learn and celebrate what’s happening at JCBC.

Social media is a people based medium. The more people that are engaged, the further the message goes. We need you because our reach and influence are limited without you!

So how can you help? First, start by FOLLOWING JCBC on Facebook @johnscreekbaptistchurch and Instagram @johnscreekbc. Simply go to our page and hit the follow button. You will then start to see our posts come across your everyday feed. Also SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel @JCBC_youtube.

But don’t stop with just following and subscribing! Next, engage with our content. When you see our posts, LIKE and COMMENT on them. It takes less than a second to hit the like button, but with that “like” the reach grows!

Additionally, commenting on our content speaks volumes and allows for genuine responses to what’s happening in the life of our church. It lets others see that we are a connected community that they may want to be a part of. Whether it be commenting on pictures, worship messages or events, engaging in our posts helps spread our footprint.

A major way to help engagement is to SHARE our posts. This is where the rubber hits the road. Sharing our content to your page takes our message to a different audience beyond our current reach. This is a great way to invite someone to join you at an event or share a message you think they’d enjoy hearing.

Social media holds great potential for our church! It’s a powerful medium that allows us to cultivate community and congregational awareness while inviting and engaging others outside of our walls. Please participate and take part in helping us reach those in our community and beyond. It’s as easy as— following, subscribing, liking, commenting, and sharing!

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