Jun 30 2020 - Dec 31 2020

Download “Life is Whacked!”

“Life is Whacked! (Un-Whack It)”
by David White
Free Download!

Life is Whacked: (Un-Whack It) is a guide to help you regain control of your life.  Design (or redesign) the life you choose to live with intention, confidence, and boldness. It is applicable for the COVID era – and for whatever comes after that.

It is completely free.  No Strings.

You don’t need a credit card.

And I don’t need your email address.​

“It’s an exceptional book, with impeccable timing for this season. It’s about how to find your footing, when the ground beneath you shifts. It is rooted in faith, and so practical that anyone can benefit from its wisdom. I already know of pastors in other churches who are reading the book and sharing it with their staff as a great leadership resource.  It’s a fantastic tool, to help you trace the graces of God.”  Dr. Shaun King

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