Sep 01 2022 - Dec 31 2022

That’s My Friend

“That’s My Friend!”
Community Building for 2nd-5th Graders

The earliest stages of faith development are built on relationships. While “That’s My Friend” is specifically geared towards our 2nd-5th grade children, it is open to all ages! Second through fifth grade are formational times in child development as children really begin to understand and respect other people’s thoughts, opinions, and experiences. To facilitate relationship building in this time, we want our children to find time to support their friends in things their friends are excited and passionate about – like softball, or dancing, or debate, or soccer, or drama – whatever! We want to invite friends to support one another cheering them on by saying, “That’s My Friend!”

The way this works is simple: Let Pastor Robin know your child’s schedule for extra curricular activities each semester. She will work to create a schedule for our “That’s My Friend!” group to attend each other’s games, programs, and activities – with at least one activity per child each semester. Then, make plans to attend as many of your friends’ special events as you can during the semester! If you cannot make it to a friend’s event, plan to write an encouraging card and stick it in the mail to them. Specific event dates and locations will be shared only with the “That’s My Friend!” group.

Sign-up for Fall/Winter by Sunday, October 23rd
Kick-Off Lunch and Meeting – Sunday, October 30th

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