This past Sunday, in our 2017 State of the Church Address, we celebrated the unveiling of an exciting new campaign entitled, “Faith2Next.”

More than simply a capital campaign, Faith2Next is a two-pronged effort to empower JCBC for a future with hope.

Our goal is to raise 3.2 million dollars over the course of a three-year period to accomplish two bold initiatives:

  1. The development of JCBC’s first multiple-venue worship experience.
  2. The complete and final payoff of JCBC’s remaining debt.

With these two initiatives in place, our church will be postured to live out our calling and expand the JCBC experience like never before.

In the coming days, every member of JCBC will have the opportunity to learn (in great detail) what Faith2Next will mean for our future, and how each family has a crucial role to play, as we all take a new and next step together, in answering the call of God upon the life of this great church.

To that end, I want to urge you to be present in Sunday School on January 22nd and 29th. Over the course of these two Sundays, our Sunday School Communities will have the opportunity to view a specially produced video introducing Faith2Next, and engage in questions and answers about its immense potential.

In the meantime, I want you to know that an effort as significant as Faith2Next requires an army of gifted and committed leaders.  These leaders perform a number of functions to ensure our campaign is successful. These functions range from organizing and hosting special events, to making phone calls and communicating vital information in a timely manner

Our Faith2Next Leadership Team:

Cindy Arnold, Jenny Ayscue, Zach Ballance, Chris and Denise Bland, Kim and Mark Boutwell, Jean Bowen, Karley Brown, Phil Brown, Jakki and Colin Bryant, Linda and Tim Clagg, Jason Collins, Katherine Crosthwait, Gary Durham, Richard Eason, Dan Edwards, Keith Ford, Linda Garner, Janice Garrett, Scott and Sherry Guy, Diane Haywood, Sylvia Head, Heather Heaton, Bret Hegi, Susan Holland, John Hudson, Jeff Huett, J.W. Hutchens, Harold Hyde, Tom Jack, Marsha Janofsky, David and Melissa Keel, Linda Kennedy, Mari Beth King, Shaun King, David Lee, Sheri London, Sanford McAllister, Debbie McBee, Lisa McCullar, Scotta McDonald, Harry McElveen, Molly McNeese, Mary Beth Miles, Angela Norman, Eric Norman, Carolina Ortloff, Charles Oswald, Ivan Pegram, Carole Rhodes, Dave and Sarah Roberts, Merry Romo, Jim Rountree, Lisa Sauls, Todd Shiver, Roger Simpson, Carole Smith, Leah and Doug Thomas, Kevin and Shelley Tolbert, Brenda Turpin, David Walker, Mary White, Toni Williams, Stephanie Wright

In addition to these, there are other teams organized to lend support throughout our journey, in areas such as prayer, children’s events, facilitators, and callers.

I am exceedingly grateful for the time, energy and devotion of our entire leadership corps. Under the leadership of our Campaign Director, Tom Jack, I have every confidence that this team, joined by the faithful participation of every member, and guided by unfailing provision of our Lord, we will succeed beyond our wildest imagination.

2017 is our year! Let us now go faithfully into it, and be found faithful to the adventurous call of God!

Have I told you lately how much I love being your pastor?
Well, I do.

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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