Immersed in the Fountain of Sending Love

The heart of this pastor was full Sunday.
Simply full.

What a joy it was to navigate crowded halls and negotiate bottlenecks of JCBC members seeking new and next steps of faith at the 2016 iMAGINEXT Fair!

In worship, the text from John 9 framed our experience with a call to “see” our lives with new eyes. We considered the curious ritual of Jesus caking a blind man’s eyes with mud and sending him to wash in the pool of Siloam (a pool who’s name literally means “sent”). We imagined together that sometimes the only way to see our lives with new eyes is to “immerse our selves in being sent.”

With that charge, we scattered from the sanctuary to explore the more than 50 booths and over 100 opportunities to connect, form, mobilize and worship.  All said, there were more than 500 deliberate choices made to take new and next steps, including 3 individuals who joined the church!

022416bI found myself giving praise to God, whispering prayers of gratitude all afternoon, as I thought about you, beloved…immersing your hearts, minds, hands and feet into life-giving fountain of God’s “sending love.”

Thanks be to God!

I especially want to thank you who volunteered, for making the fair a success. Whether you worked a booth, helped set up & tear down, or sold & served spaghetti, it was because of you that so many had such an empowering experience.
Thank you!

God is up to something big in us and among us these days.
The fountain of God’s “sending love” is on the move. Can you sense it?
May we live “swept up” in its flow.

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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  • It is always invigorating to see the breadth of reach JCBC has in our community, region, country and world and knowing that we are only scratching the surface of what we can and will be. From our youth to our seniors, our heart for sharing and serving shows. Nothing motivates me more than seeing our families “immersing” themselves in that fountain together…..on a stomach full of spaghetti!


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