JCBC On Mission: Dominican Republic 2016



JCBC has worked on the Dominican Republic/Haiti island of Hispaniola for seven years. Our early response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti opened many doors for missional service in the Dominican Republic. We have taught classes for the Dominican Baptist Seminary, established ESL programs across the island, built onto existing churches, sent a youth missions team each Spring Break for five years, and our latest work has centered around the creation of new schools and placing state-of-the-art water purification systems in Third World villages.

Placing a clean water system is what our most recent missions team worked on during the October 6-10 trip to La Romana, D.R. The work was in the Como Quiera Batey that is situated in a remote area out in the sugar cane fields. This batey is inhabited by Haitian immigrants who cut cane for $3.00 per ton and live so far below our poverty line, they couldn’t gaze up and even glimpse it. Clean, safe and majorly cheap water will be entirely new to these people. After 30+ trips to villages, like Quiera, I can say this is not only a different world from ours; it might as well be in a different universe. That said, because of your gifts to our Annual Missions Offering and to the work of our recent missions team, their world will change immensely when the water begins to flow. JCBC at its finest…making a difference in the world!


Michael McCullar
Formations Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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