Dr. Shaun King - December 8, 2013

Christmas Nobodies - Rachel and the Bethlehem Babies

From Series: "Christmas Nobodies"

We all know the story of Christmas. And for the most part, we know it well. After all, it’s the greatest story ever told; the cosmic drama of divine love coming so near that it is seen, heard, felt, known. It’s the story of God’s own life and presence and essence breaking into humanity; being born among and within the least likely. And for the most part, we know the major players on stage. There are carpenters and virgins, magi and mangers. But in all the years that we have celebrated and rehearsed the Christmas drama, I wonder if we have looked at the story from every possible angle. Truth is, there are many entry points to the story of our Lord’s birth. Not all of which are front door entries. A close reading of the texts in Matthew and Luke reveal there are many players in the drama who are lesser known and lesser celebrated, but whose presence in the story has incredible impact and significance. And here’s the tragedy. If we only pay attention to those on center stage, we may think these other characters to be nobodies; nothing more than minor players; extras on the set. But if we know anything about the child being born, we know that in his view, there are no minor players. No extras. Ever. That is why I want to spend this Advent Season leading our congregation in a study of a few Christmas Nobodies. Who knows, maybe seeing the birth of hope and salvation through their eyes means there is room for even us.

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