Dr. Shaun King - September 4, 2016

Epic Fail (Part 2): Tap Out

From Series: "Epic Fail"

We all fail. We do. We may not see it at first. We may never admit it; nor own up to it. But regardless of who we are, each of us (and all of us) will eventually blow it. (And, sometimes blow it big.) Then come the clouds. It is there, in the dark shadows of our despair, embarrassment, and shame that we are left tormented with haunting questions: Where did it go wrong? How did I get here? Is there any way out? Can things be repaired? What then? In scripture, we trace one consistent and reliable truth about life in God. No matter who we are; despite what we’ve done; regardless of the place where our failure has landed us…we are never outside the reach of God’s repair. We cannot begin to comprehend the fathomless depths of God’s mercy. Rescue. Reconciliation. Redemption. All are possible, because of the boundless mercy of the One who meets us where we are, but loves us too much to leave us there. On Sunday, August 28th, we begin a new series at JCBC designed to restore hope to those who fear they may have run out it. We will discover how God’s Grace has the power to heal any hurt, and fix any failure.

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