Dr. Shaun King - November 20, 2016

Eucharisteo: Part 2

From Series: "Eucharisteo"

“Eucharisteo” is an interesting word, in Greek. In its simplest terms, it means, “give thanks.” But a close study of the word (as found in New Testament texts) reveals that it is made up of a combination of words. At the very root of eucharisteo is the word charis, meaning “grace,” and its close derivative chara, meaning “joy.” Think about the implication for a moment. At the heart of thanksgiving is grace and joy. True gratitude grows from a deep, interior awareness of God’s grace in our lives. That awareness humbles us, and provokes a joy that flows out of us in a lifestyle of thankful action. Where, lately, have you recognized the immense Grace that sustains you?

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