Dr. Shaun King - September 15, 2013

iMAGiNEXT - Part 6: Stuck

From Series: "iMAGiNEXT!"

A vibrant and living journey with Jesus Christ never ends. As followers, we are in a constant state of becoming. All the time. Always. If we pay close attention to the way Jesus encounters people in the Gospels, we find him doing the same thing again and again. He meets people right where they are, but then with grace and power, He beckons them to more. He bids them (regardless of who they are, or where they’ve been) to follow him to a new and next place in their adventure of faith. If we know nothing else ,we know this: In Christ, there is never NOT a next. True for individuals. True for congregations. What would a new and next step of faith look like for you as a follower of Jesus? What would a new and next step of faith look like for us as a congregation gathered in His name? Perhaps it’s time to consider it. Perhaps time to intentionally imagine… to deliberately discern… the new and next call of Christ upon all of us. Perhaps it’s time to iMAGINEXT!

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