Mobilization Report: Loving Ethiopia

In a recent worship service, our congregation celebrated and gave thanks to God for the number of ways Johns Creek Baptist mobilized love over the summer months. In a sermon entitled “Scattered, Smothered & Covered,” I suggested that the church of Jesus Christ can never stay put. We are intended to share the love and mercy of God in a kind of missional scatter throughout the world.

For a very long time, our church has done this missional scatter very well. Over the years, hundreds of JCBC missionaries have mobilized in service around the world. To be sure, all of this scattering, this moving, this mobilizing has involved great preparation, both spiritually and logistically. To be truly missional requires deliberate spiritual discernment, generous financial giving, and the courage to answer the call, wherever it may be.

This has been our way.
We pray. We give. We go.

Now, we introduce a new (and vital) component to our missional strategy.
The Mobilization Report.

In order to sustain a vibrant missional focus, a congregation must be informed and engaged. The Mobilization Report is an opportunity to become both. Throughout the year, these special presentations will be offered as an effort to deepen our missional awareness, and nurture an ongoing passion for mobilizing in the name of Christ.

Tonight, we offer our first Mobilization Report, with the focus: Loving Ethiopia.

My family and Darwin family will present a report on our recent mission to Ethiopia. The presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. and will take place in the gymnasium.

Our special guest tonight will be David Harding.
David is a personal friend and President of Water is Life International, our partner for clean water efforts in Ethiopia.

Tonight, we will introduce you to Ethiopia; the culture, history & heritage. We will explain the urgency of the water crisis, JCBC’s effort to help, and the amazing strides being made with water-related “sustainable life” ministries like Sustainable Living Groups (SLG’s). We will share about the work of other ancillary ministries doing amazing work such as The Fistula Hospital, Sports Friends Camp, Ebenezer Grace Orphanage & Sisters of Charity Orphanage.

The highlight for the night, however, will be a Kid’s Panel Discussion with the five King and Darwin children, on their own personal experiences on the trip.

I pray you will take this opportunity to hear what God can do through you and your church in Ethiopia.

Reminder: Dinner will be hot, and served until 6:30. If you cannot arrive until just prior, that’s ok. Grab your food, and enjoy it at the tables during the presentation! Now THAT’s a deal: dinner and a show!

To view the menu and make a reservation for dinner, click here.

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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