For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a new beginning.
T.S. Eliot

Over the twenty-three years serving this church, I’ve seen many staff ministers come and go. Each brought their own talents, gifts and mindsets to their respective ministry areas and each left us richer for their time with us. Each new minister arrives amidst feelings of renewal and promise for our future. So, this weekend we say farewell to a long interim and warmly welcome our new Children’s Pastor, Annie Sutton. Our new beginning with Annie commences Sunday and we hope you will be with us to be part of this new era in children’s and family ministry.

We will be hosting a walk-up reception Sunday with two options from which to attend, so everyone can meet Annie personally. The first slot will be 9:00-9:40 and the second will be immediately following the worship services. The reception will be held in the Heritage Room. This will be an excellent opportunity to both meet our new Children’s Pastor and to make her feel welcome in her new church home.

I’d also like to express gratitude to the Children’s Ministry Task Force for their work over the past year in keeping our programs going at a high level. While each and every Sunday School and 11:00 programs volunteer did amazingly fabulous work, the day in and day out leadership of the team I worked with was instrumental in our having one of the best Vacation Bible School’s this decade, as well as the other annual events for our kids. A special thank you goes to Molly McNeese, Lindsay Minard, Mary Beth Miles, Kimberly Sheridan, Haley Evers and Ginny Short.

October 15 is New Beginnings Sunday. Let’s live into this new and promising reality by meeting and pledging to support Annie.

Michael McCullar
Formations Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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