Preparing for Preparation

Advent is about preparing for the coming of the Christ.
If that is so, the truth is it takes a little work preparing for that preparation.
That’s exactly what has been underway at JCBC for the past week.

At Christmas, one of the simple gifts we enjoy at JCBC is the beauty of our campus.
It is simply stunning.

Within the span of one week, the campus is transformed.
Trees, garland, lights, and wreaths signal the season of Christ’s birth is at hand.

But here’s the thing.
It doesn’t get that way on its own.

As I walked the halls of our campus last week, I was struck by how much time, energy, and love was being given by JCBC members and staff to make ready the season of celebration.

I am super grateful for Susan Holland and her merry band of elves (Frank Holland, Teresa Smith, and Linda Garner) who worked tirelessly to “deck the halls” in time for Advent; each themed tree meticulously assembled and decorated with care.

Our sanctuary is spectacularly adorned for Advent as well. Additional thanks go to Jessica Satterfield, Kathy Sufcak, Mary Scott, and Frances Yao, for arranging garland, poinsettias, and lights in order to enhance the worship that will take place during this season of mystery and joy.

Another huge shout out goes to JCBC Production Manager, Mark Smith who is responsible for the extraordinary transformation in the Family Life Center. Mark spent the better part of the week creating, painting, and hanging hand-made illuminated globes from the ceiling and programing trees and lighting cues for Advent worship. The transformation is really quite amazing.

This of course is all in addition to the untold hours of behind the scenes preparation by members of our music ministry (like Danny Henderson, Tim Clagg, Scot Jacobson, Mike Satterfield, David Sikes, Ben Ward, and Doug Warren), who have been designing, constructing, and assembling special sets for the Christmas At Johns Creek 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Giving support to all of these efforts, however, is the most amazing facilities team around.
JCBC Executive Operations Director, Richard Eason and JCBC Facilities Manager Steven Dubose, have done an extraordinary job leading our facilities team (AZ Zukanovic, Winston Jennings, Mark Benton, Carlton Scarborough, and Reith Weems) to work tirelessly in transforming our campus. During a season like this, there are countless physical behind-the-scenes arrangements that must take place in order for rooms to be ready and decorations to be in good functioning order. This team sees to those needs with professionalism and joy. I could not be more grateful for them and the strength of their ministry among us.

Next time you are on campus, I encourage you to take a moment to marvel at the beauty of our church during this season, and whisper a prayer of gratitude for those who help us prepare for our preparation.

Have I told you lately how much I love being your pastor?
Well I do.

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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