A Priest, A Rabbi, An Imam And A Methodist Pastor Walk Into A…

Ah, you likely thought I was going to say bar didn’t you? Maybe, possibly, someone thought I was setting the stage for a commercial for my upcoming Wednesday evening seminar titled “Islam and the Messy New World Order,” which by the way begins August 27 at 6:00, but I wasn’t, never even considered it, but thanks for thinking I was attempting to slot in a commercial as it gave me an opening to do a commercial for my upcoming seminar! An amazing coincidence.

The reason you thought bar was the segue word is because so many jokes open with a similar line: “A Priest, a Rabbi, an Imam and a Pastor walk into a bar but fortunately they only ended up with a bump on the head.” Now that’s funny I don’t care who you are!

As a kid I was short, chubby, made good grades, went to church, was a Boy Scout and got beaten up routinely. I was a bully’s goldmine. I was also naturally comedic so I decided to ease the stress of being a 4×4 punching bag by doing comedy and impressions as often as possible. Fortunately I hit a serious growth spurt and took up sports and the bullying stopped (it’s amazing how that happens isn’t it?), but the jokes kept rolling. My goal is to laugh several times each day and to that end I continue to mine my own mind for wit and seek it out in others. I listen to comedy radio and read a couple of internet comedy sites every day. Laughing daily is a must.

We also thought it would be great to bring in a comedian to do a concert at JCBC. Christian comedians who are actually funny are in short supply. So the research began. Here’s a sample of one possibility:

“What do Gandhi and Mary Poppins have in common? Gandhi walked barefoot everywhere he traveled and had massive callouses on his feet as a result, he also ate a sparse diet of odd food that caused him to be frail and fragile, and was widely known to have very bad breath. Thus, he could be described as a super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis. “O.K., thanks for the audition, NEXT please!

blog022514dWhich led us to the exceptional Anita Renfroe. Anita is a nationally known comedian who will be with us on Sunday evening October 19. She regularly plays in arenas much larger than ours so we are fortunate to have her. Tickets are only $10 and this is a family event. If anyone has the idea she only plays to women audiences they would be wrong. Everyone will enjoy her show. Sounds like an excellent date night to me…guys, count with me “one dollar, two dollars…twenty dollars! Only $20 bucks for a date??? Two tickets please.”

Here’s a link to a couple of Anita’s sets and a link for online ticket purchases. Best get them early. I’ve heard a Priest, a Rabbi, an Imam and a Pastor are already in line for tickets.

Michael McCullar
Formations Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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  • Marie McLarty
    August 25, 2014 5:36 pm

    Ghandi and Mary Poppins, loved it! And already have my Anita Renfroe tickets. A group of us are going out to eat before hand, good times. Marie


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