1Peter 3:11: “…Seek peace and pursue it.”
Think about this: “Having a child fall sleep in your arms, is one of the most peaceful feelings in the world.” Andy Rooney
What’s happening in your home right now that’s making life too chaotic? Are you stressed, rushed, pressured so that you can’t find the peace that is supposed to come in this holy season of the year? Are you trying to do too much? Are you over booked? How about sleep? Getting enough? Able to sleep or are you awake worrying about getting “it” all done?

Take a moment to be still. To rock a baby to sleep in your arms. To simplify your life to include what is important. What Christmas joys can be shared so that others might receive the blessing of making that element a success? What can be eliminated? What decisions are glorifying God? What decisions are making the true meaning of Christmas more evident? Brainstorm solutions with your family. You might be surprised what others think is important. Ask the children. They have a way of getting to the heart of things.

“Advent is about moving forward on our journey towards a more God-centered life. Jesus came to teach us how to live our lives in love and peace.”

As we light the advent candle today, let us pray for peace in our lives and for the rest of the world.
Prayer: Prince of Peace, we are on a journey towards you. Lord, show us the way. Don’t let us get lost in the busyness that directs us away from each other and You. Help us stay on the path that leads to You. And bless us as we bring peace to the pieces of our world that need healing.

Jill Jenkins
Children’s Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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  • Bless you Jill, you have given us what most of us need to hear. Life just gets too busy, plus when we more “mature” folks add into it the illness, pain and don’t just feel good, sometimes it hard to remember what the season is really all about. So we need to stop, pray, listen and remember the real blessings we have, family,children, grand children,friends, and most of all God who gives us everything we need! And a blessing beyond measure to have a church with the most dedicated, loving, and Grace filled staff ever! That’s a Merry Christmas every day!!


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