Show Up…Step Up – An Update

We are now three weeks into our “Show Up…Step Up” commitment emphasis.

To date, 264 individuals and/or families have declared their intentions to Be the Body in 2017, by pledging their faithful attendance and financial generosity.

As I have shared in recent sermons, Churches across the nation have experienced seismic shifts downward in both of these vital areas.

In this ever-changing culture, I am calling on our members to set a higher standard.

Our pledge cards reflect a growing desire to raise the bar. Many have made commitments to increase their weekly Sunday School attendance in the coming year. An overwhelming majority of these pledges declare a commitment to attend 31 or more Sundays!

In addition to committing our faithful (physical) attendance, JCBC members are also making bold decisions to pledge their financial generosity in the coming year. So far, the 264 cards received represent 47% of the budget needed for 2017.

With one more Sunday remaining in our commitment emphasis, I want to challenge all who have not yet submitted their pledges to do so. You can bring your physical card to church with you, or complete the pledge process in less than 3 minutes by clicking this link.

In order for the Body of Christ to function at full capacity, we need every member of the body! I am calling on all members to make the deliberate and faithful decision to  Show Up and Step Up in 2017.

It starts with the pledge!
Can we count on you?

By God’s Good Grace,

Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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