In one week, we will gather for a special event.
On Wednesday, January 28th, I will be delivering my State of the Church address.

Now that we are into our 3rd year of shared life together as pastor and people, I want to take some time to deliberately focus on where we have been, what we have experienced and what it is that I believe God is “up to” within us and around us as a congregation.

Each week, our Pastoral Staff marvels at what we are seeing God do in and with our people. Real lives are being transformed every week by God’s grace, and it is humbling to witness.

But we are more than simply witnesses to this transformation.
We are stewards of it.

It is for that reason that we spend great energy each week in vision and strategy.
We rehearse the message that is the driving conviction beneath all we do.

Namely, that there is a life made possible in Jesus Christ that is abundant and beautiful. And at JCBC, we nurture that life by:

Connecting for Community…

Forming for Fruitfulness…

Mobilizing for Mission…

in a shared life of Authentic Worship.

Over the past two years, we have seen God move in very meaningful ways in each of these strategic areas of ministry, and in our overall life together as a congregation.

I want us to celebrate that.
But more than celebrate what God has already done, I want us to lean forward with great expectancy and hope, as we are envisioning what great future God may have in store for this great church.

That is why I want to urge you to attend the State of the Church address. Next Wednesday, after a brief business meeting in the gym at 6:00 p.m., we will move from the gym to the Sanctuary, where the State of the Church will take place. I want to encourage all JCBC members to be in attendance.

Please note: All of our Midstream classes will be suspended one night, for this special event.

In God’s good love,

Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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