Amaseganalehu – Gracias – Thank You: 2016 Annual Missions Offering Update

Once again JCBC has reached a milestone in missional giving. We have surpassed our highest-ever goal of $150,000.00 and are again poised for an amazing and blessed year in missional support, participation and new possibilities. Your giving has allowed the Missions Committee to begin finalizing plans and entertain options for the 2016-2017 Missional calendar which runs from April through March.

The large scale/big impact projects we plan to undertake will be placing water wells in Ethiopia and clean water systems in the rural sugar cane fields of the Dominican Republic. Clean water meets obvious needs that in many cases both saves and prolongs lives, but water opens doors to so much more. In Ethiopia, many sustainable living groups form after the water wells are operational. These groups provide income and purpose for the local people, especially women. Wells in Ethiopia also decrease the likelihood of violence against women as travel for accessible water is negated. Plus, basic sanitation and hygiene is improved, which saves lives long term.

Dominican water purification systems provide clean water for Third World villages that have no access to cheap, potable water. Most of these people exist in/with water we would consider sewage. Once the water systems are in place health improves for an entire village, and the opportunity for schools and long term clinics increase. It all begins with clean water!

Locally, JCBC serves a growing number of missional partners and associates. Your gifts allow for us to continue to work hand in hand with groups like Jesse’s House, Atlanta Union Mission, 7 Bridges, Backpacks of Love, Samaritans Purse, North Fulton Community Charities, Focus on Forsyth, Restoration Atlanta, Beacon of Hope, FLOOD Student Ministries, No Longer Bound, and others. The goal is to make a difference in our own proverbial backyard, and your gifts make this possible.

Being classically and properly Baptist, we also support the larger Baptist missional cause by contributing to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Global Missions thrust, and to the state Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s missional work. JCBC is heavily involved in CBF’s global work in Belgium.

So once again, hat’s off, kudos and atta boys/girls for your gifts to our Annual Missions Offering.

As they say in Ethiopia: Amaseganalehu  and in the D.R.: Gracias  and here: Thanks!

Michael McCullar
Formations Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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