The Unfettered Adoration of God

Last week, our Worship Pastor, Glenn Crosthwait, posted the two pictures that you see at the top of this blog.  Each represents one of the two spectacular nights of worship recently hosted by Johns Creek Baptist.

On Friday night, May 6th, we welcomed a packed house to experience the Jeremy Camp and Mandisa concert. It was a night of exuberant joy and exhilarating praise. On Thursday, we welcomed (once again) a full house for the Jubal Chorus concert. More than 480 singers and musicians led in worship through the finest expressions of choral music anywhere.

Take a moment to consider both pictures.
Two very different expressions of worship, yet one unified objective…
the unfettered adoration God.

Simply beautiful.

I want to thank our amazing ministry team, as well as volunteers, for their hours and hours of hard work and devotion to ensure God was glorified in each of these wonderful worship events.

What I find irresistible is the observation that, sandwiched in between these two events, was the Saturday morning gathering of more than 120 JCBC leaders to hear a presentation from our JCBC Worship Study Group about expressions of worship at JCBC! I wrote about that particular meeting in last week’s blog.

What’s remarkable is that each of these two worship events and the special presentation meeting were all planned independently. Each of the groups had their own particular windows of opportunity that “just happened” to fall within a 6 day span of one another. Remarkable. Marveling at the timing of it all, Glenn and I joked, “We couldn’t have planned it that way if we tried. We’re not that smart.”

But God is.
God is up to something good, in us and among us, at JCBC.
Do you sense it? Can you perceive it?

As we near the Summer months of June and July, I want to encourage you and your family to remain fully engaged in the life of your church. Your faithful attendance, your generous giving, and your devoted service to Christ’s Church matters now more than ever!


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