Ever played “Where’s George?”

Where’s George is a currency tracking website, which allows you to follow the geographic travels of a specific dollar bill as it circulates its way around the country and globe.

(Get it? George. As in, Washington. Dollar bill. Where’s…Yeah, ok. You get it.)

If you receive a Where’s George dollar, you can go to the website, enter pertinent information (zip code, serial number, etc.), and learn all kinds of fascinating details about the bill. You can see where it has been, how far and how fast it has traveled, and then watch where it goes after you spend it.

Fascinating concept, isn’t it? Tracking your money, to see how far it goes.

In one way, that’s what we are attempting to do in our current sermon series entitled, “Generous.” Throughout the month of November, we are looking at some of the ways our financial generosity is having an impact on the lives of people, specifically in four ministry areas: Connections, Formations, Mobilization and Worship. In a sense, we are tracking our dollars, to see just how far they go.

If you were in worship this past Sunday, you saw a great example in the testimony of Vivian Gay, JCBC’s longest tenured, active member. She spoke of how meaningful it is to be able to remain connected to her church of 75 years, through many of our new technologies that have been put into place. These are technologies and connections that would not be possible without the generous sacrificial support of a faithful congregation.

In the coming weeks, we will highlight other persons for whom JCBC ministries are having real influence and impact. It’s a way for us to track just how far our dollar goes. Meanwhile, we will continue in our study of what scripture has to teach about the power of generosity in each of our lives. After Sunday’s sermon, Lavished with Love, we now focus on three remaining messages:

Hilarious Generosity
(2 Corinthians 8-9)

From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.
Practical Tips in Deliberate Generosity

(Luke 6:38; and Malachi 3:8-10; and Deuteronomy 16:10-17)

(Matthew 14:13-21)

Each of our sermons/studies builds upon one another. So, let me encourage you to be present for all four of these important teachings. In particular, let me challenge you to be present and participating in the culminating event of our series, entitled “The Walk.”

On November 24th, during the morning worship service, all members will have the opportunity to make a walk of solidarity and commitment, as we pledge our support for the ministries of JCBC in the coming year. On that morning, every worshipper will be equipped with a commitment card, which will be submitted as an act of sacred worship before one another and before God. The card will enable individuals and/or families to pledge support in a number of ways. We will commit to become generous with our prayers, generous with our presence and generous with our pocketbooks.

While much more will be said about The Walk in the coming weeks, for now I call upon your family to do what I will be doing with my own family. Take time to pray and to discuss how generous your financial commitment to Christ’s church will be. You will not want to miss out on this powerful moment of worship.


Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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