2017 Mobilization Report

I’m proud to share with you about our latest water project and the final results of September’s Annual Missions Offering.

Our largest team of all time assisted in the construction of a Water House, which will soon be home to a plant-size, reverse-osmosis water purification system. The village we worked in is named Mella, and you’ll not likely find it on a map.

Mella is a small village near the Haitian border that is poor and without access to clean water at an affordable cost. Villagers often must choose between purchasing drinkable water or feeding their children…and you can imagine how that turns out. Adults and children regularly suffer from water-borne illnesses.

That will change soon, not only in Mella, but also in the even poorer villages surrounding it. Our state of the art water system is “plant” _size and will supply water for more than 15K people as the Mella plant will serve as a distribution point. We have purchased a truck for their use so this plant will also serve as an economic engine for local commerce, selling water, but at a rate approximately 70% cheaper than the big-box water companies.

A Duke U. based study has shown that Dominicans who live in areas where we build water plants have seen an 80% drop in water-related diseases. So JCBC, we are not only impacting lives with the Gospel, we are literally saving lives with our work.

We will begin working soon on the 2018 project. If you’d like to be part of the team that will travel to the Dominican Republic, talk to me. One of our trips will change your life.

I’m also proud to report that your amazing support of September’s missions offering exceeded our goals and our expectations. You gave $138,129.00 and as a result we will be giving record amounts to No Longer Bound, Meals by Grace and our Presidio, Texas work. Your giving will also allow us to create new local missional partners and once again provide for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s national and state missional work.

So JCBC, a Big Thank You for your support of our missional projects and our Annual Missions Offering. We, together, are making a real impact!

Michael McCullar
Formations Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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  • Michael,

    Thanks for sharing this with us, in particular the video. This is great, can’t imagine anything better to do than provide safe drinking water to those without access to it.

  • Don M Walters
    November 9, 2017 5:41 pm

    Michael made the comment that we through these actions are helping to save lives, oooh big statement. That’s exactly what our partners in the DR tell us– our work, bringing clean water to those who can’t afford it otherwise is literally saving lives. It was truly a life changing experience for me. You can’t imagine what it is like down there for the truly poor of the DR. Less than 4 hours away by jet, yet centuries away in life’s simple pleasures. The work is Hard, the weather HOT, the muscles Ache…. and there is no where else in the world I’d rather be during those few days than helping those who are so limited in being able to help themselves. We always have such a quality group of people that go and help out our neighbors in the DR. We promise to look out for you. What is stopping you from joining us? Won’t YOU consider joining us on the next trip? It may just change your life!


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