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6 Ways to Make Our 20th Anniversary Unforgettable

With our 20th Anniversary Celebration only days away, here are six ways you and your family can make the day unforgettable.

1. Come early.
When our family goes to the movies, we don’t like to miss a thing. We get there early enough to catch the previews. There are plenty of good reasons why; not the least of which is the connection we have at the end of a really good trailer, when we turn simultaneously to one another and say, “that looks good” or “I want to see that.” It’s part of the experience. It builds anticipation and energy for what is to come.

While our anniversary celebration officially begins with worship at 11:00, the buzz begins long before, as we assemble, make connections and prepare ourselves for what is to come. So, come early. Come to Sunday School and be a part of the anticipatory energy.

2. Stay late.
In a similar way, our family likes to stick around for the credits. You really never know what you might see. If the movie is a Jim Carrey comedy, you’re likely to see some great outtakes. If the movie is based on a true story, you might just pick up on some cool facts. Like the fact that the real life subject of the movie made a cameo appearance in scene number 12 as police officer number 3. You just never know.

You may find it interesting to know that the high point of worship on Sunday will not take place in the sanctuary. It will begin there. But it will culminate outside, as our entire congregation reassembles in a powerful moment of prayer and dedication. After the prayer, then fun and fellowship begins. There will be tents under which to sit and enjoy a barbecue meal catered by Jim ‘n Nicks; there will be a music stage providing a variety of entertainment throughout the fellowship; and there will be fun games for the kids. So, stay late. You never know what you might see.

3. Come hungry.
Jim ‘n Nick’s BBQ will be catering our lunch. The cost is $5.00.
Let me say that again. Jim ‘n Nick’s…BBQ…Five bucks.

So, come hungry.
But, come hungry for more than the tender pulled pork.

Did you know that in Hebrew school, many orthodox Jews (not fans of pulled pork, by the way) still practice an ancient tradition. Passages of holy scripture are written on slate tablets by children, and are drizzled in honey by the teacher. The children are then invited to lick the slate clean, with the blessing that these sacred words become as sweet as honey to their lips. What a powerful image. Consuming their sacred story; a story as sweet as honey!

We have a sacred story too. This Sunday will be a worshipful celebration of the story of us. We will celebrate the grace and providence of the God of our becoming. So, come hungry. Come with an appetite to consume the goodness of God. Bring a thirst to drink deeply of the joy of being a part of the JCBC journey.

4. Buy a book.
It is with great joy and gratitude, Johns Creek Baptist Church makes available the printed history of its first 20 years.The First 20 Years

Authored by David T. Brown and Barbara D. Brown, Johns Creek Baptist Church: The First 20 Years 1993-2013 is the culmination of three years of prayer, research and development. With the help of Mary Lou Parrish and Nancy Skidmore, the JCBC History Committee worked tirelessly to chronicle the remarkable narrative of our first two decades in Johns Creek.

The book is masterfully written, and perfectly timed. Before we can imagine where we are going as a congregation, we must stop and remember how we got here. Making this book available on the occasion of our 20 year anniversary is a fantastic way to rehearse our congregational narrative; the story of our becoming.

The book is being sold for $10.00, and will be available THIS SUNDAY, October 20th, at the JCBC 20 Year Anniversary Celebration.

The book is also available on Amazon, in paperback and on Kindle.

5. Post and Tweet
For those who are into social media, we encourage you to capture special moments and share them on our church Facebook page and on Twitter. What a great way to broaden the scope of our celebration, as we share the joy of this day with friends and followers everywhere.

So go ahead. You know what to do.
Check in. Post. Tag. Like. Share. Comment.

And just to keep us all in the same conversation, use the hashtag: #JCBC20

6. Bring some company.
I can’t think of a more exciting way to introduce someone to our church than to invite them to our 20th Anniversary Celebration. On that day, they will catch a unique glimpse of so much that makes JCBC special.

They will hear our story.
But more than that, they will feel it. Sense it. Experience it.

Do whatever it takes.
Tell them they get three sermons for the price of one.
Tell them the music will crack the plaster.
Tell them the barbecue is your treat. (No, seriously. Five bucks? C’mon!)

Just get them here. Love will do the rest.

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