Johns Creek 20th

Our First 20 Years

With great joy and gratitude, Johns Creek Baptist Church makes available the printed history of its first 20 years.

Authored by David T. Brown and Barbara D. Brown, Johns Creek Baptist Church: The First 20 Years 1993-2013 is the culmination of three years of prayer, research and development. With the help of Mary Lou Parrish and Nancy Skidmore, the JCBC History Committee worked tirelessly to chronicle the remarkable narrative of our first two decades in Johns Creek.

From the back cover…

A little band of a few more than 200 active pioneers from First Baptist Church of Chamblee ventured forth to re-establish their church less than 20 miles to the north of its former home. Ranging in age from innocent children to experienced octogenarians, the membership came with a “life wish” for their church. Charged with a directive from their pastor, Dr. Bill Self, that “this church will rise as high as the life wish of its people with the direct intervention of God;” they came, and their legacy of dedication and commitment to Christ lives on. This small group of Christians took occupation of the property on Sunday, October 17, 1993. Near a community named for a creek, in a deeply moving worship service, they asked God to bless this church and its future for service in His kingdom. This is the story of the church’s first 20 years.

The book features all the critical turning points in birth and growth of Johns Creek Baptist. It includes numerous photos, a forward by Bill Self and an epilogue by Shaun King.

“The book is masterfully written, and perfectly timed. Before we can imagine where we are going as a congregation, we must stop and remember how we got here. Making this book available on the occasion of our 20 year anniversary is a fantastic way to rehearse our congregational narrative; the story of our becoming.” ~Shaun King

The book is being sold for $10.00, and will be available beginning October 20th, at the JCBC 20 Year Anniversary Celebration.

The book is also available on Amazon, in paperback and on Kindle.

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  • Damaris Rivero
    October 16, 2013 10:12 pm

    Looking forward to this day of celebration and reading this wonderful book filled with memories from the last 20 years of our JCBC family. Thank you to David Brown, Barbara Brown and all of those that helped with this amazing project, we are iBLESSED!!!


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