JCBC Friends,
7 Bridges LogoI am excited to share that the recipient of the Vacation Bible School offering this year will be The Garden ministry at 7 Bridges to Recovery.
7 Bridges pic 1The Garden is located in Smyrna, and is home to about 60 women and 40 children who have been rescued from homelessness or broken home situations. John’s Creek Baptist has been partnering with 7 Bridges and the Garden for the past several years, through activities with the women and children, preparing meals for the roughly 100 residents and serving with the street ministry. They have also joined us for Trunk or Treat, and both our Mobilization and iMAGINEXT Fairs.
Our donations will serve in three areas:

  • First, we will be able to sponsor 20 children for a weeklong summer camp.
  • Second, we will be able to buy a new pair of shoes for each of the children at the Garden. For many of these children, this will be their first opportunity to choose their own pair of shoes.
  • Finally, we will purchase several new bikes for the children at the Garden to share.

7 Bridges pic 2Also, during Vacation Bible School week, our children will be preparing sack lunches that will be provided to seven bridges to distribute with their street ministry.
Finally, the fact that this is a local ministry will allow us to do something we’ve never done before. The children from the Garden will join us at Vacation Bible School on Sunday evening.
In addition to their residence ministry at the garden, 7 Bridges to Recovery runs a street ministry that provides prayer, meals, and fellowship to people living on the street, and in poor neighborhoods downtown. They also run a men’s discipleship program that rescues men from addiction, homelessness, and brokenness. The program is a year long and at no cost to the participants.
With 7 Bridges being located nearby in Smyrna, it’s an excellent and fairly simple opportunity for JCBC individuals, and families, to serve in their local community. To find out more, check out their website at
Bill Ayscue
7 Bridges to Recovery

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    May 26, 2015 10:37 am

    Pastor Michael, it was so good to hear that there are 200 volunteer workers for VBS
    this year… Some of us seniors are veterans of VBS and loved being a part of that service to Christ’s Church.. for many wonderful years. Our children and some children who may not be attending any Church will certainly benefit and remember the fun they had at VBS.
    I know how much it meant to my early years in Church’s where I lived .. and in later years when I served with dedicated Christians in several different States. May GOD bless our Volunteers as GOD blesses our Children through their service… mlp


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