Annual Missions Offering 2019 Report

In writers’ school, you’re taught to never resort to using “Wow” as a leadoff word, but I did not do well in writers’ school. Wow! Our collective giving to the March annual Missions Offering was amazing. We reached $135,000.00, which allows us to fund all of our goals for the next twelve months.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship will receive $47,250.00 to fund global missions. Our state CBF group will also receive funding for their local projects.

Our Belgium missions partner working with Muslim women and children will receive enough to pay off the mortgage on their new facility.

No Longer Bound and Norcross Cooperative Ministry will each receive over $13,000.00, which will go far in enhancing their ministry reach.

We will be able to build two new roofs for houses in Puerto Rico. Two families who have been waiting since September 2017 will literally “have a roof over their heads,” thanks to you.

Our Missions Committee will have over $20,000.00 to use for unplanned and or new missional possibilities as well.
So “Wow” and a huge thank you for your generous giving to our missions ministry. The world “will” change due to your gifts!

Michael McCullar
Formations Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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  • Don M Walters
    May 8, 2019 12:55 pm

    $135,000 WOW. As one who participates in many of the “out of country” mission trips… I wanted to say to the church family. As we go and give of our time & monies to serve on the trip, it is very rewarding to know that we go & represent a mission giving church family. We appreciate everyone’s efforts back home who can’t go themselves for any number of reasons. There are always dozens of reasons why we can’t give… yet the financial dollars given for our fellow people in need is a great testimony of our Love to serve God. May everyone get to serve on a mission trip at some point– whether local or overseas… to directly see the faces that our church missions effect. It is an extremely gratifying and humbling experience all in one. God bless you all!


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