[BE] here. [BE] for.

Memorial Day Weekend is coming, marking the beginning of Summer, and a number of wonderful opportunities to engage the full life of our congregation.

In addition to Vacation Bible School, Seersucker Sunday (Father’s Day), Children and Youth Camps, Celebrate America, and more, there are two specific ways I am calling on you and your family to consistently demonstrate your love for JCBC throughout the summer.
I’m calling you to: [BE] here. [BE] for.

[BE] here.

There is no gift greater than the gift of personal presence.
When you show up for someone, you are making a statement about their value in your eyes.
This is true for parents at little league games, recitals, and productions, just as it is true for those same children in visiting the grandparents who think of and pray for them every day.

Being present matters.

This is why the Incarnation of our Lord means everything.
For God so loved the world, that God showed up.
Physically. In person. And nothing was ever the same.

During the summer, many will travel and take much-needed (and much-deserved) vacations.
Being present with one another at the beach or lake or wherever you may be going is a terrific way to express your love and mutual value with one another.

But let’s be honest. No family is out of town for 10 weeks in a row.

This Summer, I challenge you.
If you are in town, [BE] here.  With us. Your church family.

Demonstrate what you think about the value and strength and importance of JCBC by attending Sunday School and Worship every Sunday that you are in town! Set a PR this summer for number of consecutive Sundays present.

No joke. We really are stronger when we are together.
The pool will still be open at noon.
[BE] here.

[BE] for.

Another way to demonstrate love for your church is to be a part of making it happen.
I am certain if I were to ask any faithful JCBC member or attender if they were “for” our church, the answer would be “Why yes, of course. We have two phenomenal options for worship every Sunday, in-depth Bible study, programming for our kids, camps, special events, and countless opportunities to grow in our faith. Of course we are ‘for’ our church. We love JCBC!”

But, if I were to ask the same fan of JCBC how much he or she contributed financially to the Unified Budget which makes these ministries possible, the answer might be very different.

According to James 2:20, “…faith without works is dead.”
If we really believe…we back up that belief with actions that demonstrate that belief.

The Summer months are the leanest months financially in any church.
But it doesn’t have to be so.

With online giving, and recurring contributions through one’s bank, or even our own website, families can arrange a consistent financial contribution to be sent to JCBC, as a tangible demonstration that they are truly “for” what God is up to in us and among us.

This Summer, I challenge you. [BE] for JCBC.
[BE] for, like never before.

Make the summer months a time to demonstrate your love for JCBC by strengthening your financial support of the ministries we believe in so deeply.

Let’s make this Summer one to remember.
[BE] here. [BE] for.

Have I told you lately how much I love [BE]ing your pastor?
Well, I do.

Rev. Dr. Shaun King
Senior Pastor
Johns Creek Baptist Church

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