Chattahoochee Point Park Trail

Saturday July 23rd – 8:30 AM

This trail preview is a little later than I planned.  I spent last week at the beach…doing nothing but eating and laying around!  When I walked the beautiful 3.2-mile Chattahoochee Point Park Trail on Wednesday, I felt every fried shrimp, every crab leg, and every midnight bowl of ice cream.  It felt great to be back on the move!

The full loop is 3.2 miles but there are a couple of shorter loops along the way.  Of course, you may choose to walk in, turn around, and walk back out the same way.  A good portion of the trail parallels the river.  A few steps off the path offers some great views.  There are several shaded benches along the first half of the loop – but none that I noticed on the second half.  About 1/3 of the trail is shaded – the rest is sunny so apply your sunscreen and carry along some water!

The trail itself is compacted gravel which is great for our feet and knees.  It’s plenty firm for wheelchairs and strollers (there are a couple of “soft” spots, but I don’t think they will be a problem.)  The trail is mostly flat and wonderfully wide.  You’ll also likely see people playing Frisbee Golf – the park has an 18-hole course.

There are a couple of covered areas for gathering and a small playground (emphasis on small) for the littles.

I loved this trail.  I hope you’ll join me Saturday.  C’mon JCBC…Let’s Walk!

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