Deacon Nominations 2016

July 22, 2015

Dear Johns Creek Baptist family,

I hope that your summer is going well, and that you have had time to spend with friends and family!

As we approach the latter part of summer, it is time to begin the 2016 deacon election process. Our church uses a process that involves all eligible church members whom wish to participate.  Nomination forms will be available, online and around the church, for your use. Please fill them out and return in the provided collection boxes. You may nominate up to 20 persons during this process. Also, for your convenience, you may click here to print a nomination form at home, and drop it in one of the collection boxes at church, or you may click here to complete and submit your nominations online.

The nomination period will end on Sunday, August 23 after the 11:00 a.m. worship service. The forms will then be validated to ensure the names to be included on the ballot, to meet the church by-law requirements. The ballot will then be made available to the church for voting, following much of the same process.

Eligibility requirements include being a professing Christian, a member of Johns Creek Baptist Church for a minimum of two years, and attained the age of 21 prior to April 1 of the election year. Former members, of more than two years that have returned to the church, will be considered as meeting the two-year membership requirement. Staff, employees, and their spouses, are not eligible for election.

Those members currently serving as deacons are not eligible for nomination. Click here to review the list of deacons currently serving.

This is an important event in the life of our church as we elect our deacons for the next available term.

I hope that you will prayerfully participate in the process!

In service,

Kevin T. Tolbert
Chair 2015

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