Dominican Redeux

JCBC was well represented last week on the island of Hispaniola. One of our English Teaching teams spent a full seven days on the eastern side of the island providing free English lessons to the Bethel Baptist Church. Learning English is paramount for better paying jobs but is inordinately expensive across the island. JCBC is in its third year of establishing free English programs in the Dominican Republic. Our work is exclusively through sister Baptist churches that use the lessons as outreach opportunities.

Our group of instructors dealt with oppressive heat and dodged a hurricane, never missing a beat in teaching three sessions each day to over seventy students. Many, many thanks to Melissa Floyd, Bill Weeks, Marsha Hunter, Clara Salemi, Camille Ward, Elaine Walker and Sara Folkins for their dedication to missions, to our work in the Dominican Republic and to our church.

~Michael McCullar

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